Draw what you see, not what you think.

Keep it real, and try not to hurt my feelings   
Look what mommy did!

Look what mommy did!

Eden’s daddy is over is Paris and mommy is just like “¿quieres beber Eden?”

Counting the days until my husband is back!

We can’t move into our new place until the 8th but he gets back on the 7th. We are getting a hotel because,

No WAY are we staying with either one our parents after being a part for a month.

We have games to play ;)

Anonymous said: Your very pretty

Well thank you! That does wonders for my self esteem!

Anonymous said: hey beautiful blog and family and yay for young marriages that will last foreverr! so are you planning on more kids and are you moving to London?cool!:-)

I’d want to move to London but its too rainy for Jake. He’s over there for a study abroad program….

Anonymous said: Do you have an Instagram??

I do! It’s cassiamurray511

18 more days

This SHIZz is hard! Eden and I have made it to Indiana and are meeting all of Jake’s family…

Without him.

It’s so weird. Every one is so sweet but I want my man….

This is capital T Tough.

My little Sarah is 18! I lOVEEE you!

My little Sarah is 18! I lOVEEE you!

Anonymous said: Do you think you'll share what interracial love means to you, one day? I'd love to hear. <3

Yes! We are going to make a video when Jacob gets back. He’ll be all lovey then so he’ll agree to it. It will be just for you Anon.

Anonymous said: Im so in love with your family that i had to share my story with you. My name is Maryam i'm 23 black muslim girl how fall in love with a christen man ( Christopher he is 25 and white <3 ) , we been together since 2010, in 2011 we decided to tell our family's and they were furious with us and in the end abandon us both. It was very hard for both of us but in the end we got married and know we are expecting a twins ( yaaaay ;D ) , I'm happy with my life and will never change it for anything 💖💖

Well thank you for sharing your story! I hope he treats you right and you enjoy each other!