Draw what you see, not what you think.

Keep it real, and try not to hurt my feelings   

Anonymous said: Why was Jacob in Europe for so long?

He was in England for study abroad. He’s in the history program.

Anonymous said: eden looks just like her daddy! you have a very beautiful family :)

I know!!! Looks just like her daddy!!!

How’d I get so blessed

Move in day!!!

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Eden wanted to love on daddy while he slept

Eden wanted to love on daddy while he slept

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Look what mommy did!

Look what mommy did!

Eden’s daddy is over is Paris and mommy is just like “┬┐quieres beber Eden?”

Counting the days until my husband is back!

We can’t move into our new place until the 8th but he gets back on the 7th. We are getting a hotel because,

No WAY are we staying with either one our parents after being a part for a month.

We have games to play ;)

Anonymous said: Your very pretty

Well thank you! That does wonders for my self esteem!